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Welcome to the Cerebrumachine!

WARNING--Due to interdimensional disturbances, Cerebrumachine updates have been suspended. Please check back later or subscribe to the Cerebrumachine news feed. 27May2009 ERR:CODE FINAH

The Arcane Guild

The outside is a tower of dark stone on a rocky cliff overlooking the ocean, but inside is a busy place filled with mages of every description, coming and going at all hours of the day. Large wooden billboards have been set up, with helpful information chiseled into the unsanded boards. You have curious feeling that the chiseled writing will change if you look away.

You catch sight of a wooden sign that looks rather new and hastily constructed. It reads: REPEAT SORTING THIS WAY (for purposes of amusement only)

Another sign points to a teleport pad leading to an unknown destation. This one reads: YOU MUST CONSTRUCT ADDITIONAL PYLONS

Today is Day 2116. 48 Hours, 53 Minutes and 4 Seconds until Day 2117.

It looks like you're not registered at the Cerebrumachine Forums, or else you're not logged in. You should start there.

Once you've registered, you will be assigned a Sanctum for your personal use. Going there will introduce you to the five Cerebrumachine Factions and assign you to the one that fits you best.

And once you've found your Sanctum, you can start using the Cerebrumachine's teleportation system to visit its important sites...

Eventually you may find the Grimoires helpful. They're collections of information explaining some of the terms and concepts underlying the Cerebrumachine.

Cabal Center

List of Cabals