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2009-03-10 01:42:56: We're sorry to inform you that there have been unavoidable delays in the Cerebrumachine project...and they may continue for a while. We appreciate all the participation and support from our fine players...And we want to do everything humanly (and nonhumanly) possible to provide the most interesting experience that we can. Please stay tuned to the Cerebrumachine RSS feed...or even that other RSS feed...for updates. Thank you.

2009-02-19 18:06:24: Join us Friday the 20th, starting at around 7PM Eastern US time, as we attempt to communicate with the lost Master Scout over IRC. Server: irc.chat-solutions.org Channel: oh, #cerebrumachine or something, though we might move to a different one once it starts.

2009-02-19 16:28:59: Join a Second Faction! That's right! Those of you who are reasonably accomplished are now allowed to join a second faction! Visit your primary faction's home base to get started! You may have to prove yourself worthy in some way...

2009-02-09 03:20:13: Warriors should visit The Coliseum of Competition (Warrior base) to start fighting enemies! Be sure to create a weapon first! Also: With Tesseract's discovery that the Master Scout is trapped somewhere and wants to communicate through IRC, the Founders are planning a get-together on the auspicious Friday the 13th to figure out what's going on! Stay tuned for exact time and place!

2009-01-05 01:36:50: You must construct additional pylons!

2008-12-20 21:52:04: The Cerebrumachine is on hold until January 3rd. Of course, you can still use the forum as always...But really, go do holiday stuff!

2008-11-26 22:32:14: Happy Thanksgiving! Go spend time with your families, no updates until next week.

2008-11-04 02:46:55: Cabals! (What, in other places, might be called "clans".) Also, Researchers and Organizers have neat new item creation and manipulation abilities!

2008-10-06 01:03:53: Artists now have the ability to create artwork! Artworks can be bought and sold in player shops. Also, a few interface tweaks to the shops; most notably, there is a link to your shop in your profile, and vice versa.

2008-09-13 01:45:33: Battle 4 Results up in the Planes of Battle forum! More updates soon, we promise.

2008-09-03 16:19:34: Player shops are open! Trade items amongst yourselves!

2008-09-02 23:42:06: The Workshop for Industrial Design, Gadgetry, Engineering and Thaunomics (or is that Thaumonics?)--WIDGET--has opened its doors! Put those items you've collected to use crafting new things!

2008-08-26 22:04:41: Another Battle has started, this time a competition to explore an ancient ruin!

2008-08-22 22:50:39: There is a new competition happening in the Planes of Battle forum!

2008-08-21 01:10:58: The Market is open! Visit your faction's home base for some spending money!

2008-08-19 02:36:39: The Giant Rolling Golden Ball Battle is complete! Stay tuned for more competitions soon!

2008-08-11 11:59:28: The Tower of Ill Omen has been redeemed by the Researchers and Artists! However, something new is happening in the mountains...

2008-08-06 00:24:52: Many sections of the site now have "mini-forums" that allow people to discuss them. These include profiles, lodges, grimoires and directives. Also, we've started Battle 2: The Tower of Ill Omen! It uses new Lodge Battle rules, so join some lodges!

2008-08-04 23:01:01: The 3rd Circle of the Arcane Guild has been implemented, and with it--Lodges! These will be very important to Cerebrumachiners, so don't be shy, join up!

2008-07-28 01:44:18: The town of Crossroads is well on its way to construction! Stay tuned for our next conflict. Also, some Providers had incorrect journal entries, which should now be fixed.

2008-07-25 02:38:09: Providers have a new action available to them. In your Sanctum, look for the Provider page!

2008-07-24 00:08:52: Be sure to check out the new Directives page, especially if you're a member of the Organizer faction! No Directives have been fully passed and approved yet, however, so there's no hurry.

2008-07-22 00:22:59: It is now possible to search for a player by username or ID. Also, there is a Master Player List! See the "Profiles" link for both.

2008-07-17 02:23:58: The Arcane Guild opens its doors, allowing recruits into the first two Circles!

2008-07-14 22:54:01: The Cerebrumachine launches!