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Grimoire: Combat, by UltimatePlayer

Members of the Warrior Faction are able to participate in combat. To do so they must have a weapon; weapons may be constructed at the Coliseum of Competition (Warrior home base). They must also spend one War Token to initiate each combat.

Flow of Combat

Combat is divided into rounds. Each round, the Warrior chooses a weapon with which to attack their opponent. Damage is calculated and applied. Then, if the opponent has not yet been defeated, they have the chance to attack the Warrior in turn. Combat continues until at least one of the combatants' HP is completely depleted.

Instead of attacking, the Warrior may choose to flee. When fleeing, the Warrior's opponent gets one last chance to attack.

Combat Statistics

Each weapon has a range, defined when it is created. Each Warrior also has a range, defined by their Precision and Tactics; its upper limit is the Warrior's Precision, and its width is the Warrior's Tactics. (In other words, the range reaches from Precision-Tactics to Precision.)

When an attack is attempted during combat, a number from 1 to 100 is generated. If it falls within either the weapon range or player range, the result is a hit. If it falls within neither range, the result is a miss. If it falls within both ranges, the result is a critical hit and damage is increased!

Damage is calculated based on the number generated, the Warrior's Power and the weapon's Power.

Warriors also have a Shield that decreases damage from their opponents. Opponents themselves have simpler statistics.

(Note: If your Tactics becomes too high, you may "overthink" your strikes and miss!)


Combat reduces HP. To heal HP, the Warrior must return to the Coliseum of Competition and use the Healing link (this requires the Warrior to spend a War Token). Also see HP XP, below.


Certain combat conditions provide experience to the different stats. With enough experience, stats increase. The experience formulae are similar, but they start at different numbers and increase at different rates.

A strike falling within the weapon range but not the Precision/Tactics range is a clumsy hit, and it gives Precision XP.

A strike falling within the Precision/Tactics range but not the weapon range is a weak hit, and it gives Power XP, but only if the Warrior's Power is less than the weapon's Power.

A miss gives Tactics XP.

Damage inflicted by an opponent and not blocked by the Warrior's Shield gives Shield XP.

Healing gives HP XP, but only if the Warrior's HP has not been completely reduced to 0! It may be in your best interests to flee if you find your HP rapidly decreasing.

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