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Profile for User ID 103: Amathaunta


researcher Member of the Researcher Faction

Ascender of the Tower of Ill Omen

Reclaimer of the Tower of Ill Omen

Defender of Crossroads (from a Giant Rolling Golden Ball)

Wielder of Water

Member of the creation lodge Ageless Order Of Smiths.

Member of the destruction lodge Scions Of The Salamander.

Emblems: (Sorting: Stalwart) (Battle: Participant) (Battle: Winner) (Creation Lodge: Metal) (Destruction Lodge: Fire)

Appearance: Amathaunta is a small, dark skinned woman, with violet eyes, she looks almost as if she's some variety of elven. Petite frame is wrapped in an elegant set of robes, vaguely inspired by kimonos. It is pale blue, contrasting with her deep cobalt, almost black skin, with long sleeves and a large hood. The edges are trimmed with a darker blue embroidery, and the belt is a an even darker hue, intricately knotted ends falling down her legs. She is alert, and curious, with a touch of a mischievous smile on her indigo lips most times.

Sanctum: The woman's sanctum is split into two halves, distinct but both cluttered. On one side is what clearly serves as a study, a work bench/desk on one wall, surrounded by bookshelves and various stacks of notebooks and loose papers. Small vials and jars scattered about the shelves, finding places to rest in front of or beside the books themselves. The other side has a small, neat bed, a comfortable chair for reading, and...more book shelves. So it wasn't distinctly different, but there was a difference. The entire room is filled with curios, bits of stone or wood carvings, nick knacks, ancient coins, jewelry, and odd equipment. On the desk is a computer, though it's half covered in papers and such, likely she has to dig awhile before being able to use it. And on the ceiling, hang a multitude of small windchimes of various sorts, some with colorful prisms, some with dragonflys, but none larger than a foot or so long.

Amathaunta's Shop

  • UltimateArtist said, "Why hello there!" at 2008-08-04 18:24:59.
  • Amathaunta said, "Hello all!" at 2008-08-05 21:02:07.
  • Tajha said, "*appears as a somewhat transparent image, being projected from the low mountains* "Please come back... I don't think they really meant to drive you away, they just felt that they were being attacked. Perhaps you should try a more direct way of informing t" at 2008-08-17 04:35:29.
  • Tajha said, "*finishes what she was saying* the gent with the singed eyebrow that you dislike his treatment of women. For instance, whacking him over the head with a big stick and saying, 'That's no way to treat a lady.' ^.^" at 2008-08-17 04:37:00.

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