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Profile for User ID 121: Tesseract


artist Member of the Artist Faction

Invader of Toothed Ford

Conqueror of Toothed Ford

Requisitioner of Suggestions

Crossroads Worker

Buildin' Ain't Easy

Ascender of the Tower of Ill Omen

Reclaimer of the Tower of Ill Omen

Equal Opportunity Ecchi

Diplomacy Damashii

Defender of Crossroads (from a Giant Rolling Golden Ball)

Swamp MVP

Namer of Spirits

Constructor of Additional Pylons

Pylonic Cryptographer

Member of the creation lodge Ageless Order Of Smiths.

Member of the destruction lodge Cloudwatchers.

Emblems: (Sorting: Conflict) (Battle: Participant) (Battle: Winner) (Creation Lodge: Metal) (Destruction Lodge: Lightning)

Appearance: Tall, long dark hair, brooding eyes, athletic build. A Warrior-Artist like the samurai of old. There is a shimmer in the air around me due to the time-slips I experience, which make me somewhat loose in time.

Sanctum: My private sanctum is a building in the woods consisting of a dojo, bedroom, and a space to draw, write, meditate... My public space is the House of Pleasures in Crossroads, where my devoted staff specialise in bringing bliss to clients. Anything goes that does not cause any disharmony

Tesseract's Shop

Artwork owned by Tesseract

Beacon of Light - An amazing scintillating kaleidoscope of colours ever shifting and changing in a panoply of iridescent hues. It's hard to look away once you've looked at it - Created from Lightning Sphere.

  • Tesseract said, "I am Tesseract. All life is art." at 2008-08-05 11:21:41.
  • Tesseract said, "Tesseract is me. All art is life" at 2008-08-16 01:50:01.

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