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Profile for User ID 126: GrayShine


researcher Member of the Researcher Faction

Invader of Toothed Ford

Crossroads Worker

Crossroads Taskmaster

True North Guardian

Reclaimer of the Tower of Ill Omen

Ascender of the Tower of Ill Omen

Defender of Crossroads (from a Giant Rolling Golden Ball)

Once He Built A Railroad

Cryptic Game Show Prize Winner

Constructor of Additional Pylons

Master Craftsman...of Pylons

Member of the creation lodge Ageless Order Of Smiths.

Member of the destruction lodge Scions Of The Salamander.

Emblems: (Sorting: Stalwart) (Battle: Participant) (Battle: Winner) (Creation Lodge: Metal) (Destruction Lodge: Fire)

Appearance: Tall-ish, and wiry. But not wiry in the sense a flimsy piece of fencing is wiry, but in the sense that barbed wire is wiry, or that a coiled spring is wiry. Long, constantly disheveled hair, and gas-flame blue eyes. Always looking off into the distance as if in deep thought, but is probably just zoned out.

Sanctum: A circular room cluttered with philosophical instruments like compasses, barometers, dials and measures, aleithiometers, and a few subtly crafted knives. And one very large, very comfortable armchair. A bookshelf encloses the entire room, leading to the unanswered question of how to get in or out. The rolling shelf ladder serves also to lead up to an observatory deck, where it can be seen that the building is on the top of a mountain. A hearth is in the middle of the room, with a hammered brass vent extension coming from the ceiling to let smoke out. A computer sits in the corner. Yeah, try to figure out THAT logic.

GrayShine's Shop

  • GrayShine said, "Testing..." at 2008-08-04 18:16:55.
  • GrayShine said, "Ah. It's like a Wall. Cool." at 2008-08-04 18:17:13.
  • UltimateArtist said, "Egad, you figured it out!" at 2008-08-04 18:31:48.
  • Ghost said, "Yes It is, Well done my friend." at 2008-08-04 19:08:38.
  • GrayShine said, "'Tis what we Researchers do, friend. We poke and prod to see what things do." at 2008-08-05 01:53:02.
  • Ghost said, "Agree'd. An alliance would be most helpful, Whereas the providors providing materials to be studied." at 2008-08-05 10:26:00.
  • lautaylo said, "Greetings, fellow researcher! It's unfortunate you didn't choose the Castor Lodge of Carpentry, named for the noble beaver. However, I am glad to see you are a fellow Scion!" at 2008-08-07 18:18:25.
  • lautaylo said, "Good thinking, Gray (if I may call you that). I look forward to our collaboration...once we figure out how that happens around here." at 2008-08-08 19:04:06.

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