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Profile for User ID 150: lautaylo


researcher Member of the Researcher Faction

Crossroads Worker

Crossroads Taskmaster

Ascender of the Tower of Ill Omen

Reclaimer of the Tower of Ill Omen

Redeemer of Omens

Descryer of Auric Weakness

Golemic Cheerleader

Defender of Crossroads (from a Giant Rolling Golden Ball)

Tunnel Mistress

Member of the creation lodge Castor Lodge Of Carpentry.

Member of the destruction lodge Scions Of The Salamander.

Emblems: (Sorting: Stalwart) (Battle: Participant) (Battle: Winner) (Creation Lodge: Wood) (Destruction Lodge: Fire)

Appearance: Female. Bottle-red medium-length hair, rather unkempt. Green eyes with a hint of gold. White, of western European descent. Speaks big, but keeps secrets. Realistic with an optimistic inclination. Great memory for random bullshit. Likes costumes.

Sanctum: Quiet, comfortable. Chock-full of books and assorted tech gear. Initially appears maze-like, but is revealed to be organized on a fractal level. Two newly-erected shrines take pride of place: an obsidian forge, and a bonsai grove.

lautaylo's Shop

  • lautaylo said, "Wilkommen!" at 2008-08-05 19:54:54.
  • GrayShine said, "I thought that the researchers would do good to be well-rounded. With all fields of power covered. And with fire and metal, I can create revolutionary new instruments and tools for our research." at 2008-08-07 22:37:55.
  • GrayShine said, "You may, in fact I prefer it. And if it's collaboration you seek, I posted an idea in the Information topic of the seekers forum, for the battle. It draws on your idea, but I think it may benefit us more then simply destroying the tower." at 2008-08-09 21:20:59.
  • lautaylo said, "Accumulating Mazecoins. It would be nice if I knew what they could be used for..." at 2008-08-17 17:44:42.

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