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Profile for User ID 163: Tajha


warrior Member of the Warrior Faction

Ascender of the Tower of Ill Omen

Broadcast Intern

Defender of Crossroads (from a Giant Rolling Golden Ball)

Member of the creation lodge Castor Lodge Of Carpentry.

Member of the destruction lodge Cloudwatchers.

Emblems: (Sorting: Insane) (Battle: Participant) (Creation Lodge: Wood) (Destruction Lodge: Lightning)

Appearance: The girl that stands before you looks, at first glance, young... Very young... Or maybe it's just her height (or lack of) that deceives you, because when you look into her clear blue eyes, they seem to see straight through you with the depth of the ancients. Her long, pale blue hair is held back in a loose braid, but a few strands have escaped to hang down, framing her soft face. Around her right wrist is a ring that appears to be made of two different types of wood and around her left is a similar ring of metal. The scars on her fingertips are still quite red. Her ears prick in your direction as you approach. Finishing what she's doing for the moment, she looks up curiously, whiskers twitching. If she's not holding onto it, her staff is close by. It's taller than her and made of a medium colored wood, perhaps rosewood or cherry. The staff is carved with a spiral design that stops before it gets to the top. If you look closely, the word "Reason" is burned into the uncarved top portion.

Sanctum: The room has very little in it, but what is there is beautiful and of high quality. Everything wooden, from the bed frame, and the night stand, to the doors and window frames, is intricately carved in seemingly endless flowing designs. On the night table, there is a candle, a beautiful silver hand mirror, and a sheathed dagger with an intricately carved handle that seems to depict a scarab with large, feathered wings. The bedding is very soft and there is a large plush chair in the corner near a window. Near the chair is a small table with another candle and several books. Against the wall beside the reading nook is an enormous bookcase that is practically overflowing with books of all descriptions.

Tajha's Shop

  • Tajha said, "Hello..." at 2008-08-06 19:01:35.
  • UltimateReality said, "Check your email." at 2008-08-07 22:22:46.
  • Tajha said, "Isn't telling me here to check my email kind of pointless? I had to have checked my email already to be able to see this message... XD hehehe" at 2008-08-08 02:56:55.
  • UltimatePlayer said, "We figured we would try every means of communication available, just in case. :P" at 2008-08-09 16:32:49.
  • Amathaunta said, "Thank you for explaining my actions later on. But they made it clear that since I came in late, I had no 'right' to be there. I didn't want to stay and have my actions misunderstood further." at 2008-08-18 13:49:45.
  • Amathaunta said, "-- But again, thank you. I'm glad someone read my posts through entirely!" at 2008-08-18 13:50:13.
  • Tajha said, "I read everything entirely... I was almost a Researcher ^.^" at 2008-08-18 17:20:07.

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